The start of a new piece of art.


Charisse Rudolph

Although, my artistic style had always been Realism, Georgia'O Keefe was my favorite artist since my earliest days. I studied her style and life for inspiration. In addition to Georgia O'Keefe, I collected pictures of paintings by John Nieto, Malcom Furlow, John Ventano and Tony Abeyta.  

In 2018, I changed my style to reflect the flow I was seeking in my heart and in my life. Instead of controlling each mark on my paper or canvas, I found an alternative medium that was hard to control. Like life when I went with the flow everything turned out better than I could have created on my own.

I am currently exploring outlets to share the flow of my art and life. The release of control can be challenging. There is a fine line between control and going with the flow. To set your intention, but then go with the flow is a dance of give and take. My art reflects my life in progress. 

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